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CD of Traditional tracks (2002)

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  1. Ty Zh Mene Pidmanula (You deceived me) (2.55) Transliterated Lyrics
  2. Anarkhiya (Anarchy in the UK) (3.06) - Listen Transliterated Lyrics
  3. Chervona Rozha Troyaka (Three red roses) (2.48) - Listen Transliterated Lyrics
  4. Horila Sosna (The pine tree was burning) (4.21) Transliterated Lyrics
  5. Arkan (The Lasso) (4.07) - Listen Transliterated Lyrics
  6. Oi Vydno Selo (You can see the village) (2.25) Transliterated Lyrics
  7. Srebrenica (3.57) Transliterated Lyrics
  8. Stoyit Yavir Nad Vodoyu (The maple tree stood at the water's edge) (5.37) Transliterated Lyrics
  9. Oi Na Hori (On the hill) (3.01) Transliterated Lyrics
  10. Tsilkom Vakantnyy (Pretty Vacant) (4.01) Transliterated Lyrics
  11. Reve Ta Stohne Dnipr Shyrokyy (The broad River Dnieper roars and moans) (0.53) Transliterated Lyrics
  12. Nalyvaimo Brattya (Let's fill up our drinking cups, brothers) (2.56)Transliterated Lyrics
  13. O Ukraino (Oh Ukraine) (3.28) Transliterated Lyrics

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