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Vorony 12

Vorony 12" double album


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This is a double 12-inch vinyl album of our 'Vorony' sessions from 1993. It comes in a full-colour gatefold sleeve and contains all 19 tracks recorded at those sessions including those for the 'Pisni Iz The Smiths' EP and our version of Plastic Bertrand's punk classic 'Ca Plane Pour Moi'.

Vorony was much played by legendary BBC DJ John Peel and was also a ‘VOX’ magazine ‘Album of the Month’. The critical acclaim of the album was such that we were offered (and played!) a 110-date tour to promote it that took us through western, central and eastern Europe, as well as to the USA and Canada. This tour included dates in Ukraine as guests of the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture and appearances at both Glastonbury and Womad festivals in the UK.

‘Vorony’ has only ever been released on CD (and cassette!) up until now, and in fact hasn’t been available in ANY format for almost 20 years. This special edition is limited to just 350 copies.   


Here is the track listing:

Side 1: 01 Vorony, 02 Chlib, 03 Koroleva Ne Pomerla (The Queen Is Dead – the longer ‘Pisni Iz The Smiths EP’ version), 04 Chy Znayesh Ty?, 05 Na Skriptsi Hrayu.

Side 2: 01 Shche Raz, 02 Nadia Pishla, 03 Doroha, 04 Rospryahaite, 05 Durak, 06 Vona Moya (Ca Plane Pour Moi).

Side 3: 01 Sertsem I Dusheyu, 02 Dvi Lebidky, 03 De Ye Moya Mila?, 04 Teper My Hovorymo, 05 Chekannya (Venus in Furs).

Side 4: 01 Batyar (Bigmouth Strikes Again), 02 M’yaso Ubivstvo (Meat is Murder, 03 Spivaye Solovey (What Difference Does It Make?).

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