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Fact One - We are the best 'U' in John Peel's album collection.

Our group has been honoured to feature in the 'John Peel' archive- a digital resource of 20,000+ albums collected by him over the years.

Only 26 groups are selected - one for each letter of the alphabet - to do a video interview for the archive, and ours is now on the site!

peel vid

It covers the history of our group and obviously includes John Peel's role plus lots of early footage.  View the VIDEO

Fact two -  We are responsible for the first piece of Ukrainian music to be broadcast in space.

 One of our tracks was used as a wake-up call for astronauts visiting the space-station!  This makes us the first Ukrainian language band to be played in space! If any one out there wants to hear the clip and the voice of mission control announcing it, just click here!


The track 'Rospryahaite' was played for Mission Specialist Heidemarie
Stefanyshyn-Piper whose name sounds like she's got some Ukrainian connection some where. If anyone knows more about her and her excellent taste in music, please let us know.


Fact threeWe were the first UK group to play in Kievs' Independance Square.

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