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50 HARD COPIES AVAILABLE TO BUY of the NEW 4 TRACK EP.  Watch the video of the lead track 'ZRADA? (Betrayal?). Find out more about the tracks by clicking on the cover.
UPTO 100 FREE DOWNLOADS! If you are among the first 100 then you can download the EP for free (we'd like you to consider making a contribution). Use the player below to listen to the tracks and download.
Heres track from the EP that is dedicated to all those involved in the events of the past months, in particular to
those who lost their lives in the struggle.

Skilky Revolutsiyi - How Many Revolutions? (Listen)

You must express what is in your heart
Everything that is in your heart
Speak out candidly

Don’t sell yourself for dollars
Don’t sell yourself for pounds
Don’t sell yourself for roubles
Don’t sell your soul to the devil

Our house is not for sale
Our freedom is not for sale
The Ukrainian soul is not for sale

How much evolution lies ahead?
How many events?
How many revolutions?
How many lie ahead?

We are a mix of East and West, Passion and Power, Tenderness and Dynamism. We write our own songs, and we happily cover classics from east and west.

We use eastern instruments like mandolins, accordions & violins, and sing in Ukrainian language, and support all of this with western rhythm. 

Over 1000 gigs, 20 countries, 6 albums - and lots more to come!


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