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'Ace of Spades' 

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We've been playing our style of Ukrainian music for many years, mixing eastern folk and western rock. Mostly, the songs are our own compositions, but we often cover either traditional Ukrainian songs and those of western bands.

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Our New Album "A History of Rock Music in Ukrainian" is full of songs that everyone will know. We've taken the melodies and re-formed the songs in our own style. Now you can hear these songs as if they were written by artists from the east - full of energy, passion, & roots!


Our new vid - 'Ace of Spades' - Ukrainians style.


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 "A History of Rock Music in Ukrainian" 16 track CD album (click for full track listing)

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 Online Shop - 12" Vinyl Album

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"A Short History of Rock Music in Ukrainian" 10 track vinyl album (click for full track listing)
A History Of Rock Music In Ukrainian is a collection of mostly British and American classic rock and pop songs re-interpreted with a high-octane eastern European twist .It is an intoxicating cocktail of traditional Ukrainian music and Western Indie pop/rock. The tracks are raw, fresh and electrifying. Vodka-fuelled fiddles, accordion and mandolins interweave beautifully with powerful drums, driving bass and wonderfully zizzy electric guitars. "


 Over 1000 gigs, 20 countries, 6 albums - and lots more to come!