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“Intoxicating as ice-cold vodka knocked back in one!”  - MOJO Magazine


The Ukrainians' fast and furious, vodka-fuelled version of Slade’s ‘Merry Christmas Everybody!’

NEW SINGLE - Dec 8th 2021

Is this what Slade would have sounded like if they'd come from Sloviansk instead of Wolverhampton?!

In 1991, The Ukrainians were the first band to fuse western rock & eastern roots - In 2021 they'll be celebrating 30 years of international gigs & festivals. 

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Glastonbury  #  WOMAD  #  Musicport  #  Celtic Connections  #  Muzikantes Festival  #   ATEOTS Festival


Thirty years of touring and record releases means we've played hundreds of gigs and festivals.

We've made a celebration t-shirt with some of our favourite gigs listed on it.

30 years t-shirt

зе юкрейниэнс


тридцять років

зе юкрейниэнс