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“Intoxicating as ice-cold vodka knocked back in one!”  - MOJO Magazine

In 1991, The Ukrainians were the first band to fuse western rock & eastern roots - In 2021 they'll be celebrating 30 years of international gigs & festivals. 

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Glastonbury  #  WOMAD  #  Musicport  #  Celtic Connections  #  Muzikantes Festival  #   ATEOTS Festival


Thirty years of touring and record releases means we've made lots of t-shirts. In fact, there have been so many that we cant remember them all!

We are trying to collect a history of every shirt we ever made. We've been searching through our wardrobes and we've found a few but no-where near all of them. We need your help! 

Click here to see all the ones we've found. 

If you have one that's not on the page we'd like to know. Take a picture of it - send it in - maybe tell us a story. you could be part of 'The Ukrainians' history!


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