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German Tour 1992

Classic design with the 15 date tour on the back. 


The shirt from our 1996 charity record in aid of victims of the nuclear disaster.

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Blue Emroidery  1992?

Thanks to Mark & Nikki for this old classic.  One of the few shirts we did that is not based on an album.

'Never mind the Cossacks '

2002 (approx). The  shirt of our Sex Pistols covers album.

Istoria (history)

Istoriya - meaning 'history'. This shirt goes with our greatest hits album 1991 - 2002

Diana Gausden Vorony.jpg
Vorony (red)

1993 - One of a few variations on this design of our second album cover. (sent in by Diana Gausden)

Polish Tour Shirt

1996  -  Six date tour printed on the back

Kultura Long Sleeve

Made for the German Tour of 1994. Has a sleeve print!

Moi Shirt - France

Made for a French tour sometime in the late 90's. 

Easter Egg Design

Made around 1993 and featuring  a traditional easter egg pattern - (there may have been a reprint of this with different  colours).

Diaspora Gold

2009. Gold on black version of one of our favorite designs. 


2015. A History Of Rock Music In Ukrainian! 

Here's the t-shirts we've  found so far. We are sure there will be lots more. 
If you know of any, send us pics and we'll get you on this page.